Stone and granite in your home / Beautify your home with stone and granite

We offer stone, granite, and quartz worktop for kitchens and bathrooms. Mason works are our specialty (,click here to see more).

We have been earning our good reputation not only by focusing on good customer service and high quality of refurbishments. We are proud to be a unique local building and refurbishment company that is also famous for its stone masons. If you  are considering the installation of any stone surface at your home, such as a granite or quartz worktop in the kitchen or bathroom we will be happy to help you.

After offering the best advice on choosing the material that will suit your tastes, we are able to supply, cut and install any type of stone you like. As we use the newest CNC technology and are conscious of latest innovations in the area of stone masonry, we are able to provide the best final effect. You may also notice that we have carefully picked the most advanced CNC machines and engraving tools available on the market. What is more, our stone masons are greatly experienced and well qualified. For that reason we can guarantee that our clients are always satisfied with the mason works done by our specialists.

We work with top quality limestone, granite, marble and quartz.

Since we are a local refurbishment firm with its own bathroom and kitchen fitters, but also mason experts, we are able to do all refurbishment works by ourselves. That means that you won’t have to hire  a kitchen installation and stone worktops specialist separately, which surely saves time and money. At the same time, we are able to employ our passion to perfect kitchen and bathroom fittings with masonry, which can give you an admirable result.

Granite worktops

Granite has been used from ancient times. The most extraordinary buildings in the history of our world, such as the pyramids or Machu Picchu, are made from it. Sadly, for many years its fame faded, and granite was often perceived as a stone proper for gardens and cemeteries. However we, at BMS, love granite and our mission is to help it find its way back to as many homes as possible. It is not only an extremely durable material than can last for years. While it is easy to keep clean, granite is also a very practical solution recommended by our kitchen fitting company. Furthermore we would like to show you the exceptional beauty of granite – its various textures and colours. What is more, we can assure you that this material is one of the most universal ones and it suits almost every style, as it looks well in modern designs, but also in warm, more classic kitchens or bathrooms. Granite will also satisfy lovers of nature thanks to the fact that it perfectly fits with wood and plants – and it is an ecological material that is easy to clean without chemical substances.

If you still have any doubts about having a granite worktop, please call our kitchen and bathroom fitters to ask about it. We may also prepare templates and drawings for you, so you can easily pick the best solution. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our services, because our motto is “Every project is delivered ON TIME and IN BUDGET; the only thing we’ll ever exceed is YOUR EXPECTATIONS!”