Refurbishing kitchen and bathroom / Stages of refurbishment / How to do a perfect refurbishment?

Refurbishment means a lot of work, but luckily we will be with you all the way. Read here about every step of refurbishment / Read here about all labours that we can do for you.

Sometimes when people want to change something in their lives, they have to clean their history first . To start everything anew means to let go of the old.With home refurbishment it is the same – every process of renovation, every installation service, has to start with removing old things. Not only furniture, but also often walls and floor tiles, wallpapers, and especially – plumbing. To achieve the best quality of the final result of the refurbishment, we do everything from the beginning. If we install a new plumbing during a kitchen or bathroom installation, we can be sure that it will work for years without major issues. For the same reason, we are always checking the condition of the existing electric installation and performing a new one if needed. If you hire BMS kitchen and bathroom fitters, you will not have to worry about any technical problems or safety, as we take special care for our work to meet the highest standards of the current law (17th Edition Wiring Regulations – electricity and gas safe installations in kitchen and bathroom).

The next stage after getting the plumbing and electric installation done is plastering and painting the kitchen and bathroom. This is done before any installation of kitchen or bathroom units is possible. We believe that it is necessary to prepare a clean and tidy space for furniture and all sorts of accessories. After our well experienced kitchen fitters conduct the full installation of base units, they take care of adding all the kitchen appliances, such as a dishwasher, hood, oven or hob. All of them are always checked several times, so we can be sure that they will work safely and without breakdowns, as soon as the project is complete.

Later the time comes for choosing and fitting the kitchen or bathroom worktop. At Build My Space we can provide any type of worktops you like – granite, marble, quartz or wooden (which you can check out at

Almost at the end, our team of local kitchen and bathroom fitters is finally ready to do the tiling of walls and floors. Your role is to choose the best fitting size and type of tiles, and then you can just wait for the perfect execution of your bathroom or kitchen by our fitting service.

At last, our kitchen and bathroom fitters are cleaning, removing protection foils, and checking everything for the last time. And at the end comes the time for clear pleasure – our fitting service will show you your new bathroom or kitchen. At the same time, they explain to you how to use and clean all the units, so they can stay in the best condition for years. We also provide you with 12 months of warranty. What is more, we offer to come back free of charge after 4 weeks if you decide to do minor changes in your bathroom or kitchen installation – like changing the positions of shelves or adjusting the hinges, etc.

At Build My Space LTD we care about the satisfaction of our customers, doing every work with great devotion and conscientiousness, as our motto is :

Every project is delivered ON TIME and IN BUDGET; the only thing we’ll ever exceed is YOUR EXPECTATIONS!