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Reliable plumbing and heating is the base of a properly working bathroom or kitchen installation. Choose only trustworthy teams of kitchen and bathroom fitters.

Thinking about kitchen or bathroom refurbishment, people usually focus on the visual side, such as the chosen furniture and accessories. It is easy to assume that plumbing or heating is something less significant, that doesn’t require so much concern. But, as it often happens in life, the secret of a well-done bathroom or kitchen refurbishment lays in the things which can’t be seen at first glance. When labours such as plumbing or heating are unskillfully done, it most surely will bring lots of problems in the future. Starting with the malfunctioning of kitchen or bathroom appliances, through a poorly working heating system and water leaks, all the way to a risk of life danger due to gas leaks or fire. Accordingly, when choosing a kitchen or bathroom fitting company, you should always look for the kitchen and bathroom installation specialists on which you can completely rely.

At BMS, we offer you the work of skilled and professional bathroom and kitchen fitters, who are also experts in the area of plumbing and heating. To avoid any major issues in the future, we always replace the plumbing with a new one. We also check the electric and heating installation and prepare it from the scratch if needed, so you can be sure it will work well and we can guarantee you the safety of your bathroom or kitchen installation. Please notice that we always perform our works according to high standards concerning any law regulations.

If you are considering the refurbishment of a kitchen or bathroom and want it to be perfectly done (including plumbing and heating) by only one kitchen and bathroom fitting company, we strongly encourage you to get acquainted with our vast offer of services. You won’t be disappointed, because our team of local kitchen and bathroom fitters is qualified to do all of the refurbishment tasks. Remember also about our motto: Every project is delivered ON TIME and IN BUDGET; the only thing we’ll ever exceed is YOUR EXPECTATIONS!