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BMS have a vast offer of painting and decorating. From advices up to execution, you can rely on us.

Without a doubt, walls take the most space out of the surface of your home. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they play a great role in its general appearance. At the same time, walls are elements which very easily become messy and have to be refreshed often. Usually people have to paint their walls again after one or two years. That’s why, every refurbishment or even small renovation has to start with the painting of the walls.

Painting the walls may seem to be a very simple task, and in fact, a lot of people do it by themselves. But the truth is, it is not easy to do it properly and it is not only about the painting, as most of the time is spent on wall preparations – like filling the holes, sanding them down, and cleaning.  If you are not experienced in such labours, it will surely take you a lot of time, while a good refurbishment team can do it faster and with much better results. So if you want to have the walls perfectly painted, you definitely should hire a reliable refurbishment company that can do this for you.

At BMS, using the experience we have been gathering for years, we are not only good wall-painters. We also offer full guidance in choosing colours and adequate types of paint, taking into consideration the surface and the texture of your walls. Our skilled refurbishment team can perfectly prepare the surface and paint the walls. The final result will not only astonish you with its appearance, but also your home will stay nice and fresh for a long time, as we are using the best techniques and materials. Our wide offer includes albo decorating services, such as: external and internal painting of walls and ceilings, doors, skirtings and architraves.

Nevertheless, if you are doing a total home refurbishment or just a small refreshing, feel free to call our professional team of refurbishment specialists at 020 3397 9545. You won’t be disappointed, as our great reputation is based on skilled workers, quick realisation of projects and low prices.