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Experienced team of bathroom fitters from BMS, will take care of your bathroom. You won’t be disappointed if you choose us.

All around the world taking a bath was never only about cleaning the body. Instead, it used to be connected with spiritual cleansing, something that soothes the soul or mind and relaxes the tired body. Nowadays, when we live fast, this relaxing aspect of bathing has never been more true. Who doesn’t like to spend some time in a nice, warm bath after a hard day? From the beginning of the history of bathrooms, they were never limited to their practical aspect. They always had to be visually nice in order to strengthen the soothing effect of cleansing.

It is not always easy to combine the practical requirements of a bathroom with good appearance. What is more, when it comes to bathrooms refurbishment, the visual aspect of the furniture and accessories we see in the shop or catalogue may not play a decisive role in the final result. The most important factor is paradoxically… the bathroom installation. The best-looking and most expensive bathtubs, showers, tiles can lose all of their charm if the bathroom installation wasn’t done properly.. If you do not want to carry the risk of flooding the neighbour, fungus or bad smell appearing from nowhere or simply small leaks in different places, you have to choose a reliable and experienced team of bathroom fitting services.

For that reason, if you are considering doing a bathroom refurbishment, choose only the best bathroom fitters. BMS offers expert refurbishment and bathroom installation services. From tiling to bathrooms installations, our well experienced staff can renovate your bathroom according to your wishes, guaranteeing the best standards. At the same time, you won’t be disappointed with our prices, which happen to be the best in London. All in all, you have to remember that our motto is, “Every project is delivered ON TIME and IN BUDGET; the only thing we’ll ever exceed is YOUR EXPECTATIONS!”