The best local kitchen fitters in London, whose passion is to discover different visions of their clients and make them come true in the most aesthetic and practical way.

Kitchen refurbishments from small works to complete fittings of new kitchens by professional kitchen fitters. Best standards and unbeatable prices.

In the old days, kitchen used to be the heart of a home, a spot where the whole family gathered after a day full of hard work. By today a lot of things have changed, but the kitchen can still be the centre of life. It is the place where we turn our love into healthy meals for our beloved ones or spend hours talking with friends and drinking tea. No wonder people want this special space to be attractive and friendly. On the other hand, the changing demands of life robbed modern society of time, and so cooking and cleaning must be faster than before. That’s why there is a strong need for the kitchen to be well organized and fitted, so it can be easily kept in order and provide solutions that can speed up cooking.

Taking all of this into consideration, kitchen refurbishment, which makes it into a perfect heart of the home, is not easy. First of all, there must be a vision and a plan which contains one’s preferences – concerning style, but also the way of life and expected activities in the kitchen. The ultimate look of a kitchen will always depend on the different kitchen equipment the clients want to have at hand, the most frequently cooked dishes and even the family size! Although some people know exactly what they want, as they have a clear vision and are good at planning, the majority is unable to imagine the final result. This is where our role starts – at the very beginning. At BMS, using our vast experience we can help you prepare the perfect vision of your kitchen afterthe refurbishment, so you can fully enjoy cooking. We also serve as a guide when it comes to choosing kitchen furniture and accessories.

The next stage of kitchen refurbishment is what often gives people sleepless nights. Nobody is able to be professional at everything, and suddenly there is plenty of tasks to do. Tiling, plastering, painting, fitting kitchen units, plumbing, electricity or even a kitchen extension. How to cope with all of that? There is only one way… You definitely need to find a reliable kitchen fitting company that can do all of these things for you! At BMS, we are able to provide all services and works connected to refurbishments, kitchen installation and kitchen unit fitting. As we start as far back as creating a coherent vision with our clients and are able to do all things by ourselves, we offer you not only what most of the local kitchen fitters do, but a complete service. We care about your kitchen from the beginning to the end. While laying tiles, we think how it will look later with the shelves, and where the edges will appear. During fitting kitchen units we consider how it should be fitted so you can cook and clean easily. We take care of every detail!

If You are considering doing a total kitchen refurbishment (or even a small kitchen upgrade), we would be happy to help you, providing the best local kitchen fitter in London, whose passion is to discover different visions of their clients and make them come true in the most aesthetic and practical way. Contact us at 020 3397 9545.