We will help you to plan your refurbishment / We will help you to visualize your dreams

BMS offers consultation services and design of refurbishments. We will be glad to help you with planning the new look of your home.

Every new project in life should start with a vision and a definite plan. To perform a successful refurbishment, which will allow you to appreciate your home for years, you don’t only need a dream, but also a good design. You have to consider a lot of things before the real work starts. First of all, you have to choose the style that fits your taste and, according to this, pick the furniture, colour of walls, decorations and any other accessories. Later you should think of the location of every object and lightning. It is not an easy task and you can be puzzled trying to imagine how your home will look after the refurbishment. You  may also have doubts when you start the planning, so instead of enjoying this process, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Luckily for you, at BMS, we love this moment. We feel that helping you to design the refurbishment of the kitchen or bathroom is our mission, as even the perfect kitchen and bathroom fitting may not be enough if the final effect won’t correspond to your dreams. And that could happen if we wouldn’t help you to plan it from the beginning. Our fitters can serve you with their experience and give you advice on materials, furniture, kitchen and bathroom appliances and all available solutions. What is more, we can help you to calculate the total cost of the refurbishment and pick the execution which suits your budget.

Call us to get any information or advice you need and we will be happy to prepare a sketch or visualisation, so you can imagine the results of the refurbishment.